Codeql-javascript-unsafe-jquery-plugin step 8 verification is incorrect

Hi team - great job on this learning lab!

I had one issue though on Step 8: The instructions say that:

Your return variable should be of type DataFlow::ParameterNode

My initial query was written to return the options parameter node like this:

from DataFlow::FunctionNode fn, DataFlow::ParameterNode options
    fn = jquery().getAPropertyRead("fn").getAPropertySource() and
    options = fn.getLastParameter()
select options

Which when run in VSCode, returns the parameter nodes.

However, the validation failed and the results appeared to be functions, not nodes. I updated the query to return fn (the function) instead of options and the validation passed.

In step 9, you refactor the query and it is supposed to “return the same results” - but in this case, the return values are parameter nodes and the validation succeeds!

I think the validation for Step 8 should be updated to check for parameters, not functions.

My PR for Step 8 (showing the above steps) is here: