CodeQl - "Error: No code found ..." when using a subfolder

I have embeded github action in my repo written in Python.

The CodeQL does not find the Python code.

Error: CodeQL · Nautilus-Cyberneering/chinese-ideographs-website@25d4f8b · GitHub

THe GitHub Action that is failing:

    - name: Perform CodeQL Analysis
      uses: github/codeql-action/analyze@v2

Hi @josecelano, it seems like our autodetection of code suggested both Python and JS, although the repo has very little Python code.

I have noted that our Python extractor does not find the files under .github/actions, and I’ll highlight this for the rest of the team working on Python analysis.

So for your specific case I see two options:

  1. remove Python from the CodeQL Analysis configuration
  2. try to add .github/actions explicitly as a path that should be scanned, as described here.