CodeQL Actions: C++ analysis runtime error

Hi there,

I’m integrating CodeQL into our project using GitHub Actions. I was able to get a successful custom build for our C++ project, but ran into an error during the analysis step in the CodeQL process:

2020-06-15T17:37:58.5293036Z [command]/opt/hostedtoolcache/CodeQL/1.0.0/x64/codeql/codeql database finalize /home/runner/work/_temp/codeql_databases/cpp
2020-06-15T17:37:59.7699264Z Running TRAP import for CodeQL database at /home/runner/work/_temp/codeql_databases/cpp...
2020-06-15T18:09:29.0621568Z Oops! A fatal internal error occurred.
2020-06-15T18:09:29.0630894Z java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.InternalError: a fault occurred in a recent unsafe memory access operation in compiled Java code
2020-06-15T18:09:29.0631049Z 	at com.semmle.util.exception.Exceptions.asUnchecked(

Here’s the logs and config for the run:

Does anyone have any pointers or can tell me where to start looking? Thanks!

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Hi @asraa,

Glad to see you in Github Forum ticket!
It could be a JVM error which related to SIGBUG signal, it’s recommended to raise an issue in the github/codeql-action to get further assistance, developing team help to check and answer.


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