Codeowners not working for my repos properly

I have problem with using codeowners file as described below

so i have Codeowners file under .github folder in my repo .

Content looks like below

These are the code owners if this repo

  • @org/some-team user-email-1 user-email-2 user-email-3

When i create a PR , for all the PR onlu user-email-1 and user-email-3 are getting assigned for review in each single case . No one from github team @org/some-team is getting assigned ?

What could be wrong ?

Is it expected

I can think of a couple things to check -

  1. Make sure all users assigned in your codeowners file have write permissions for that repository. If it’s a team, that will have to be a team from the organisation that owns the repository and it must (as a team, not just as individuals) have write access to the repository.

  2. For user 2, make sure that email address is the correct one, or change to using their GitHub username instead.

If that is all in order and it’s still not working, let us know.