CODEOWNERS not activating for anyone besides me

I set up a CODEOWNERS file in DefinitelyTyped ( but it doesn’t notify people besides myself.

On DefinitelyTyped, users indicateauthorship of a package by adding their username to a header at the top of the index.d.ts file. So I made a script that parses these and generates a CODEOWNERS file based on them. ( This means that there are names listed in the file for people who did not actually touch that file, since it’s generated by a script instead of written by hand.

This seems to be working when I make a pull request for something owned by myself:

But when I make a pull request to something owned by someone else, there is no review request:

I figure this might be an anti-spam feature? Is there a way around this without requiring users to edit CODEOWNERS theirselves?

The docs say “The people you choose as code owners must have write permissions for the repository.”, so unfortunately this feature is useless for us