CodeOwners- future work

Is the code owner feature basically done, or is there more work planned? 

We’ve been exploring using it, but it’s incredibly chatty email-wise and there is currently no way to differentiate between the automatically requested reviews and reviews actually requested by real people.

We don’t want to require approvals before merges- more like just having a nice way to see who might be a good person to ask questions and/or get feedback on a pull request.  

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We don’t communicate changes publicly until they ship as a general rule. Additionally, GitHub is constantly evolving as a service and a tool, so even if there are or aren’t any plans for a feature right now, that might change tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year.

If you don’t want to require approvals before merges, the Suggested Reviewers feature is intended to suggest people that have experience in the area of the code that has been touched by a PR, based on git blame data. If that doesn’t suggest the right people, I would recommend perhaps having a section in your repository’s CONTRIBUTING guide documenting who would be good for different parts of the repo.

I am in the same situation. We like the idea of the codeowner, but the email noise can get very annoying.

I also had the same question if there was some improvement to the matter, for example do not include them to the review but suggesting them?

The suggestion might be nice, but the problem we face is that some people might have knowledge in that area and are able to review, but do not appear in git blame that much so they would not be suggested.

or is/will there be a feature that makes the suggested people editable like another file in the .github folder?

For us Codeowners work just in very very limited amounts of repos so far unfortunately :frowning: