CODEOWNERS doesn't work with subteams

It looks like CODEOWNERS doesn’t work with subteams, i.e. teams within a team.

In our org we have a team called Engineering. Under that team we have a team called Front-End. Engineering has write access to the repo. Repo is private. All members of the team have write access to the repo.

We have a rails app and want to force front-end reviews on any PR that touches FE assets. So we added this line to CODEOWNERS file in the root our repo, but it doesn’t seem to work.

app/assets/* @ignitionapp/front-end

I’ve checked a bunch of other threads in github community and nothing seems to shine any light on this. Nobody mentioned sub-teams yet, so I thought i’d confirm there’s no issue there.

Are team names in this file case sensitive? Do sub-teams need any special config?

Hey @andreirailean,

Thanks for reaching out! CODEOWNER’s should indeed work with subteams, would you please If you haven’t already, please contact us at with the info so we can look into that further.



Hi @andreagriffiths11 something must have changed on GitHub’s end. Everything is working as expected now. I think it started working today. We now see correct group assigned as reviewers.