CODEOWNER Required Reviews

Hey there! @lee-dohm

I was wondering; I have one .CODEOWNERS file that looks like this:

* @some_org/some_group

So when I create any PR it will ask the group to review it. If any member of the group approves it, then the requested review for the rest of the team members will disappear, but I still need 2 approvals from anyone in the same group.

If I add the constraint of needing 2 approvals to merge the PR, the request will still disappear for the rest of the team members, so they will not get notified for the second approval.

Is there anyway to require 2 approvals from team members of the same group?

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You may try this to require all of the listed people to approve:

* @foo
* @bar
* @baz

the combination might also work (untested):

* @foo @bar // required one of foo or bar's approval
* @baz // required his approval