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:wave: Hello everyone! This week I bring you some awesome content from the Code to Cloud Community, the GitHub Blogs and beyond. We had a really upbeat Actions AMA last month and if you haven’t checked out the Q&A post yet, you should now!

Let’s get started with the big news.

Save the date :calendar: GitHub Universe 2022

This is really exciting! GitHub Universe is back and we are thrilled to announce the in-person hybrid event this November! So, don’t forget to reserve your spots.:partying_face:

Great content from the GitHub Blogs :bookmark_tabs:

The GitHub blog is center stage for some awesome content from our expert engineers, which you don’t want to miss, especially in the Actions space. Here are a couple that were posted recently:

  • @Rizel Scarlett has been authoring super informative posts and is back with a blogpost that is worth checking out. I have been learning GitHub Actions for a couple months now and always look for content that’s concentrated on the fundamentals. Rizel has put a lot of research into this one–if you’re new to Actions, you should check out a beginner’s guide to CI/CD and automation on GitHub
  • Have you ever wondered how we at GitHub use our own products, like GitHub Actions to make life easy for ourselves? @Brian Douglas has been writing a lot of content focused on Code to Cloud and this time he has shared how we use GitHub Actions from handling day to day tasks to tracking security and vulnerability reports. Check out the 4 ways we use GitHub Actions to build GitHub, Doesn’t this sound amazing? I hope you love it. :heart_eyes:

Your Feedback Matters! :incoming_envelope:

In the last Code to Cloud check-in I emphasized how important your feedback is to us. We’ve been getting a lot of requests around example workflows on how to deploy GitHub Actions. Our docs team has listened to your input and have created a doc to help you understand and learn the workflows that demonstrate the CI/CD features of GitHub Actions. Got more to share? Just contribute directly to any doc you think needs to be updated and we’d love to review it.

Prebuilding codespaces is generally available.:rocket:

We’re excited to announce that the ability to pre-build codespaces is now generally available. Codespaces prebuilds entered public beta earlier this year, and we received a ton of feedback around experiences you loved, as well as areas we could improve on. For more information, please check out the blog post by tanmayeekamath.

From the Community! :sparkling_heart:

It’s time to cheer👏 our community members for their valuable input that make our community what it is meant to be.

  • Awesome job by ViacheslavKudinov on this one. Ukreddy-erwin asked a question around modularizing Actions that already has multiple threads in the community; this one stood out with a perfect answer. No surprises this topic is one of the most visited and trending in the community this past month. Kudos to ViacheslavKudinov for sticking around till the end and providing a solution. :anchor:
  • Jsoref has been super active and helpful in the forum and we owe him a big Thank You! :heart_decoration: They answered multiple questions but these 2 were my favorites.
  • Andrew-Chen-Wang posted this question and mike-kaminski came in as a blessing with a noteworthy and illustrative solution. mike-kaminski deserves a pat on the back✌ for this one, you can check out more of their contributions here.
  • Last but not least, a brilliant self-solve💡by mellis481 Thanks for coming back and updating us with the solution:white_check_mark: that worked for you. I see there is an opportunity for us to work on the documentation and as always I’d suggest you to contribute directly to the specific doc that needs to be updated.

What’s New🆕 in the GitHub Actions world?

Check out the changelog to see the recent additions and updates straight from our Product team. Want to keep up to date? Subscribe to all “Actions” posts via RSS or follow GitHub Changelog on Twitter to stay updated on everything we ship. :ship:

That’s it from this bi-weekly update. Got feedback or feature requests for anything Code to Cloud? Use our Discussions to share your thoughts.’Till next time! :rocket:

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