Code search in forks

I know it’s not possible to search for code in forks but - if the original is archived by the owner, is there a way for one of the forks to ‘become’ the original? (maybe nominated by the person archiving?) As I understand it, the concept of an orginal vs a fork is not intrinsic to git, just github.
Specifically I’m thinking of GitHub - OfficeDev/Open-Xml-PowerTools which has a ‘nominated successor’ in GitHub - EricWhiteDev/Open-Xml-PowerTools

Hello @pedro-w ,

GitHub does have a successor process for letting another user maintain the original repository.
But this requires participation from the original maintainer.

I have a couple other ideas in mind, but I need to do a bit more research to see what it would take to make one of those options work here.

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Hi :wave:

We have went ahead and made the EricWhiteDev/Open-Xml-PowerTools repo the parent of the fork network.

Also, if a fork gets more stars than the parent, it will then become searchable.

@ernest-phillips that’s brilliant. Thank you very much!

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