Code review assignment

Subject: ## Code review assignment feature is not working.

In our company we are using GitHub Enterprise.
Created team called “blr-code-review-team” and added team members.
Enabled auto assignement and selected Round Robin algorithm.

Added the team to the repo . please see below screen shot.

When develoepr created Pull request, i do not see the team name in reveiwers list. please let me know am i missing any thing. please see below screen shot.

Please help this is very much required for us. consider this as priority if this feature is working.

Hi there! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

Are you expecting the team to appear as reviewers on the pull request automatically? I’m afraid Code Review Assignment on its own does not work that way. You need to manually request a review from the team, and then Code Review Assignment will kick in and pick specific team members.

To get the team assigned to review PRs automatically, you’ll need to set up a CODEOWNERS file:

Once that is set up, when you create a PR, CODEOWNERS will automatically assign the team to it, and Code Review Assignment will automatically choose which members are picked.

Thank you very much Yamiacat for the response.

If i undestood correctly,

  1. Must create .github/ CODEOWNERS in the root directory of the repository, file should have 755 permission. please corrrect me.

  2. Add " * @blr-code-review-team" team name at .github/ CODEOWNERS

  3. Please see below screen shot.

  4. When the developer creates pull request, blr-code-review-team name automatically appears in reveiwers place and automatically choose which members are picked and sends notification. please correct me.

Thank you once again @yamiacat for response and helping in automation.

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Hi prathapar - yes, that all looks correct! The @blr-code-review-team are set up to be the global codeowners of the repository. :+1:

I do not know what is wrong, have setup everything as per the configuation. However it is not working.

When the Pull request created.

  1. In the Conversation, if i commet @blr-code-review-team, then entire team is getting notification.

  2. In the Reviewers, it is empty only. Not sure why it is not added Reviewers from the team.
    when i add team name at Reviewrs manually, it is sending to 3 people as per my configuration. but
    this assignment should be automatically done right.

  3. Please see below my CODEOWNERS configuration screen shot

please let me know.

As you’ve created a second global rule, and later rules take precedence over earlier rules, I would have expected @prathapa-chilakam to be automatically added.

Is the PR you are opening making changes to files on the master branch?

As you are an Enterprise customer you might want to open a ticket with GitHub Support directly, as they will be able to give advice based on the specifics of your installation:

Thank you @yamiacat , will raise enterprise ticket.

  1. @prathapa-chilakam also not added automatically when PR is created.
  2. yes on the master bracnh.
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Sorry I couldn’t help more - it would be great if you could update the Community here when you find out what the problem was! Good luck!

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