Code review assignment does not assign any developers

So I have the following setup:

  1. An Org
  2. Several repositories in the Org
  3. A team in the Org
  4. Code review assignment setup in the team (1 reviewer, round robin)
  5. Team has write access to all repositories
  6. No one has “busy” set in the profiles

I open a PR an no one gets assigned.
What am I missing?

GitHub Enterprise Server 2.20.11

Hi @IdanAdar - Welcome to the community! Would you be able to delete the existing CODEOWNERS file and re-create it directly in GitHub via the “new file” button, then test it?

Assuming your CODEOWNERS file is on the base branch of the pull request. For example, if you assign @octocat as the code owner for .js files on the gh-pages branch of your repository, @octocat will receive review requests when a pull request with changes to .js files is opened between the head branch and gh-pages. From everything you’ve shared here, your setup should work.

Please let us know if re-creating it worked, thanks in advance and sorry for the troubles.

So I was asking if I’m missing a step - is a CODEOWNERS file required? I do not have any.

@andreagriffiths11 Please see above.