Code of Conduct is present in repo - but Insights -> Community tab doesn't detect it?

Note - it indicates there is not a Code of Conduct.

Note - it is the Code of Conduct for that repo.

How do I cause the Insights -> Community tab to recognize that the repo has a Code of Conduct present?


Hi @coopr,

Thank you for being here! The tool will only check specifically for code of conduct files that we recognize, not just the existence of a This was an intentional choice but, we do have an issue open about improving this behavior & I’ve added your report there.

In the meantime, if you’d like your code of conduct recognized, you could switch to one of the ones we provide via our code of conduct tool:

That would guarantee you’re using a specific code that we recognize.

I hope this helps!


Hi Andrea,

Is it possible to have the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct added to the recognized files?



Hi Jacob,

Thanks for the reply! I’ll reach out to the team and present this feedback. I’ll post any updates here! Stay tuned.

Thanks again,


@andreagriffiths11any update on this? It would be really nice to get that green tick :slight_smile:

Thank you,


Also Code Conduct from Contributor Covenant in version 2.0 is not recognized.

My page is also showing that a Code of Conduct is missing, but you can see I have one at (namely the Contributor Covenant, which I’ve been using ever since it came out several years ago).

My Code of Conduct in fact exactly matches the one GitHub suggests that I use when I load the page – same version exactly (namely version 1.4). The only difference is that I use the .rst rather than .md format, so that I can include it as a source file for my documentation website, which is powered by the very popular Sphinx documentation tool, which uses .rst as its native format.

If the mere .rst rather than .md extension is in fact the only reason GitHub is failing to detect my code of conduct, note that according to the 6,493 current search results for the query, this likely affects many other projects. But if this is the cause, it should be easy for GitHub to fix.

Hope this helps, and that this can be fixed at some point before too much longer.


@andreagriffiths11 We have a repository that uses the default Code of Conduct from GitHub, but in the insights, it is still pointing that we don’t have one.

Thanks for the ping @ZoranPandovski and welcome to the community! Could you share the repo URL here? If it’s a private repo and If you haven’t already, please contact us at with the info so we can look into that further.