Code in showing terribly bad in github page theme but well in repository

on my page : [“Scheme+ programing language by Damien Mattei”] | [“Enhancing Scheme (and Lisp-like) languages.”]

code is not displayed ,it seems that:
"```scheme "

is not parsed ???

but it show well in GitHub - damien-mattei/Scheme-PLUS-for-Guile: Scheme+ for Guile by Damien Mattei

Probably because the file content looks like HTML, not Markdown, even if the ending indicates otherwise. I assume Jekyll didn’t process it because of that. And Markdown code blocks don’t work in HTML.

I’m kind of surprised it works on the repository page as well as it does despite the mix, but most Markdown renderers support a subset of HTML. :sweat_smile:

well it works on with:

{% highlight scheme %}

code here

{% endhighlight %}

but then no more works on :frowning:

{% highlight scheme %} works on

“```scheme” works on

there should be a tag compatible with both, the developper of github should take care of this problem.