Code button does not appear

I’m connected to github and i have all my repositories as usually by the problem is the green code button which is not appearing on any repository, whether mine or others

Weird. Questions:

  • Was it working?
  • What browser are you using?
  • Have you tried it in incognito mode?
  • Are you saying that any repo you go to on GitHub, you don’t see the Code button?
  1. Yes it was working, I used it many times.
  2. Firefox
  3. No
  4. yes, I don’t see the code button on any repo

Ok more questions:

  • Can you try it in incognito and see what happens with Firefox?
  • Can you try it in another browser, such as Chrome?

I’m trying to isolate if it is your browser or something else.

finally I discovered that it was a problem of browser not github
I try chrom and i found button