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Hi! I’m working on a new Code of Conduct for a new Discourse community. CoC work is something I am no stranger to. Some of my past work includes, which is used by a few companies.

There are a few parts of the GitHub Community Forum Code of Conduct that I’d love to adopt.

I was wondering, is there any license on it?

Of course, I will give credit to it, but I also just wanted to make sure there wasn’t any type of limiting license. Thanks!

Hi @tbarn,

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To answer your question, we actually highly recommend doing this! The Community Forum Code of Conduct is based largely off of GitHub’s own Community Guidelines and we have a help doc that walks you through the process of adding a CoC to a project (and also mentions researching other open source Codes of Conduct to find inspiration for your own).

So, I guess the tl;dr version would be: Yeah! Please do take and utilize whatever parts of our CoC work for you and your project.

Let me know if you have any other questions or if I can help with anything else.




You may be interested in the GitHub site-policy repository, including the Community Guidelines that @nadiajoyce mentioned. As you can see, the contents of that repository are licensed under CC0-1.0 if you wanted any license specifics. We don’t have a formal license on our Community Forum code of conduct, but that’s a great idea and something that I’ll look into adding to make this process smoother for others 👍As @nadiajoyce said though, don’t let the lack of a formal license on the Community Forum code of conduct stop you from borrowing from it.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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Thanks for both of y’all’s response! 

I’m working on a hybrid solution based on the past work I’ve done and including a couple of things I saw in GitHub’s Community Guidelines. I usually do a “Sources” section, so I will just share a link there, similar to this one I created a couple of years ago:

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