Co-pilot technical preview invitation expired

I was invited to GitHub’s copilot technical preview and was able to install the extension to VSCode, however, my invitation to access the private repo at expired because it passed the 7 day expiration date. Is there a way to get the invitation back? The invitation came from @aqeelsidd.



Can anyone from GitHub help with this?

I just opened a discussion in the private preview forum for you:

(you need to be a member of the preview to access it)

@ajs256 Thanks, but I can’t access it because my invitation to the private group expired. I was hoping to get a new invitation, as I was given access to Copilot, I installed it, and it’s working, but I can’t get to the getting started page (

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same problem for me, would be very nice if there maybe was a way to like leave and rejoin or something?

Try sending a ticket to GitHub Support - GitHub Support

Hey all :wave:

I reached out to the team handling support during the beta phase. We should have invites regenerated for you folks “soon,” :tm: but new invitees shouldn’t experience this problem as they will be added to the repo directly/automatically, without having to accept the invite.

For the suggestion to open a ticket with our direct Support team, it might not be possible. Free-tier users who may have invites, would only have access to our forum here. So for this case, I reached out directly and we should be following up.

So hopefully those expired invitees will need to have it re-generated, and opening a ticket with Support is a good option.

If you are a free-tier user and have an expired invitation, please @ me here.


Hey @Robin-floss and @johnnyoshika just following up from my reply above ^ …

Our team has now generated new invitations to you both and should now have access to the repo!

Cheers all :bow:

@nethgato I’m facing the same problem. Could you help me with that? Thanks!

Thank you very much @ajs256 and @nethgato. I received another invite and now have access to the private repo.


I have the same issue, and I have posted an issue on Co-pilot technical preview invitation expired #1260195 - GitHub Support.

Hey all :wave:

Just want to reiterate that if you have access to opening a ticket (as you have @liudonghua123 ) then this is the preferred path.

If you do not have the ability to open a ticket because your user account which received the invitation is an unpaid account, then please let me know.

@llgyc can you confirm if you have the ability to open a support ticket? If not, I can ping our team.

Oh, sorry, I didn’t read your previous post very clearly, but I have already opened a ticket about a week ago Copilot Preview invitation expired #1253846 - GitHub Support and nobody seems to be noticing that. So I’m not sure if I did it the right way.

Thanks for verifying @llgyc – let me follow up over there.

Closing the loop here for you @llgyc – I replied to your ticket and you should see access now!

For future requests, please:

If you cannot open a Support ticket (free-tier users do not have access to the ticketing system) then please reply to this thread and let us know the user which has an expired invitation and @ notify me.


@nethgato I’m facing the same problem. My co-pilot invite got expired. Could you please help me with this? thanks!

Hi there @AbhiSri7 :wave:

To clarify: are you able to open up a Support Ticket?

If so, please follow through with the Support team, there.

If not, lmk!

@nethgato I submitted a ticket 4 days ago. Same thing happened to me. Invite expired.

Thanks for letting me know @jacob-hyde! We should be able to get to everyone’s internal tickets as we can process them.

Free users, please @ me, when you have no access to submitting a ticket.

@nethgato I’m facing the same problem. My copilot invite expired. I also don’t have access to submitting a ticket as I am on the free-tier. The VS Code extension works just fine though.