Co-author not showing up in Contributors

I added a co-author in my commits as demonstrated by

The PR can be seen here , but the co-author is neither showing up in contributors nor here .

What have I done wrong here, so that I don’t make the same mistake in future?


Thanks for letting us know.

This is something that’s been reported by others. I’ve added your report to the list. I can’t give an ETA for when this will get addressed, but we’ll update this topic when we get more information.


Even I have been having the same issue here is the link to the contributors it doesn’t show my coauthor contributions.

In this other repository even after making contributions I’m not seen, I can be seen here only when hovered over the contributors’ tab.

Facing the same problem. Was this issue resolved?

I second this, seeing the same issue in our project. Note as well that despite your see you have done some commits in your activity, if you click on a particular day and try to see commits, nothing is found by the search request:, while I did co-authored 3 commits on that particular day (and can see it on the grid)


Same here, I have a co-author PR which does not show-up in my co-author’s commit history:

@lee-dohm Any update on the progress?

@lee-dohm Is there anyone who could work on this?

As I stated before, I can’t give an ETA for when this might be addressed. You may want to keep an eye on the GitHub Changelog and the GitHub Public Roadmap.