Co-author not showing up in Contributors

I added a co-author in my commits as demonstrated by

The PR can be seen here , but the co-author is neither showing up in contributors nor here .

What have I done wrong here, so that I don’t make the same mistake in future?


Thanks for letting us know.

This is something that’s been reported by others. I’ve added your report to the list. I can’t give an ETA for when this will get addressed, but we’ll update this topic when we get more information.


Even I have been having the same issue here is the link to the contributors it doesn’t show my coauthor contributions.

In this other repository even after making contributions I’m not seen, I can be seen here only when hovered over the contributors’ tab.

Facing the same problem. Was this issue resolved?

I second this, seeing the same issue in our project. Note as well that despite your see you have done some commits in your activity, if you click on a particular day and try to see commits, nothing is found by the search request:, while I did co-authored 3 commits on that particular day (and can see it on the grid)


Same here, I have a co-author PR which does not show-up in my co-author’s commit history:

@lee-dohm Any update on the progress?

@lee-dohm Is there anyone who could work on this?

As I stated before, I can’t give an ETA for when this might be addressed. You may want to keep an eye on the GitHub Changelog and the GitHub Public Roadmap.

Experiencing the same issue here. None of my co-authored commits show here:

I get Github not providing ETAs, but I don’t get this not getting addressed an year and four months after the original post here. And back in June of last year you said it yourself that this had already been previously reported.

This is not just “nice to have”. There are employers who rely on the commit history to see code samples, and the commits co-authored through pairing are simply invisible.

To make matters worse, with Covid there are many more developers on the job hunt, and relying on Github to show our work.

If that’s not enough to prioritize fixing this, what’s the purpose of having this feature at all?

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I’m facing the same problem

This is a problem for me as well. I work with a highly collaborative team where pretty much none of our commits are single authored. Our group agreed that the fairest thing to do was to author our commits from the team’s address, but add all the participants for a given change as a co-author. However, the fact that there seems to be no way to look at a co-author’s profile and find any evidence of the co-authored commit whatsoever really makes the feature quite useless.

As others have pointed out, this is particularly poor for people who rely on their GitHub presence when seeking future jobs in other open source projects, communities, and organizations.

What do we need to do to get the priority of this issue bumped up?

I am seeing the same. Co-authors do not appear as contributors and are essentially not receiving credit for their work.

@lee-dohm could you add it to your roadmap? At least document it in the co-authoring guide…

I am facing the same problem. I co-authored this commit, but I am not listed as a contributor to the codebase. Is it possible to fix this?