Closing a repository securely

Hi - I used a contractor to do some work on a website, project is now finished and I’d like to close & secure - but I don’t know how to ‘close’ github securely.  

1.  I have removed collaborators and archived the repository.  Is there anything else worth doing within my github account?

  1. In the cPanel account, there is still a .git  folder - should I delete this, or what should I do in this account?

  2. I have changed the cPanel account pw, anything else worth thinking about?



I can’t give any recommendations as to what you should do off of GitHub, but as for the repository hosted on GitHub and is a personal repository, you should:

  1. Ensure that the repository is private
  2. Remove all collaborators from the repository
  3. Ask the contractor to delete all copies of the repository that they might have stored on their machines

Archiving the repository puts it into a read-only mode, but doesn’t prevent anyone from accessing it that already has the ability to do so.

Let us know if you have more questions.