Closed issue appeared despite the state:open filter

I try to use the GraphQL API to get issues that are currently open.

However, it seems that it also outputs one closed issues.

Here is the screenshot:

Here are my query:

query githubInfo($searchQuery: String!, $type: SearchType!) {
  search(first: 100, type: $type, query: $searchQuery) {
    nodes {
      ... on Issue {

The query variables:

  "repo:taskcluster/taskcluster label:\"good first issue\" state:open",
	"type": "ISSUE"

Thanks in advance! Any pointers on where it gets wrong would be appreciated!

Hi @fiennyangeln,

Thank you for being here and our apologies for the delayed response. Your query is good, the issues is on us sometimes we have a slight database glitch that causes some issues to misbehave like this.