Close the command palette with escape

The command palette enables one to avoid using the mouse in favor of using the keyboard. However, if the palette can’t be closed with escape, I still need to reach for the mouse, making me far less likely to use it.

For further context: if I don’t use the command palette, I don’t need to use my mouse, because I use browser plugins to navigate using the keyboard.


I faced the same “issue”, in my case was that Vimium extension blocked it. Disabling it, ESC key works. But, Vimium is a must for me. :sleepy:


Is esc not closing it for you? It is for me… maybe they already added this?

@fnune & @vhanla we’ve gotten quite a few reports of this and will be looking into it. Another user reported that they were able to use command+esc on a Mac to get around this issue. Does this by chance work for you?

It would be more convenient to be able to close it with esc key instead of mouse

While enabled Vimium extension, Esc key doesn’t work. Would you add a button to close it, so the Vimium fast search (f key) can make it easy to focus? Ideally, ESC working out of the box along Vimium would be great.

Currently I can close it using TAB key, ESC, TAB again and finally ESC key.


I confirm this behavior and I support a GUI component too, but IMO it would be even better if Vimium passed the key presses along to the web page itself when it has no effect, such as pressing Esc in normal mode and out of the context of a command. I bet this would “fix” many other situations where a key is intercepted by Vimium for no reason.

@vhanla @lucaspar this has come up quite a bit today and we’ll prioritize working on a solution to fix / improve this shortly!


@fnune @vhanla @arivan-amin @lucaspar We just shipped a release that allows you to use the same keyboard shortcuts to both open and close the command palette (i.e. Command k or Ctrl k) as a workaround to the Esc key not being available!


Thank you that’s great

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Awesome, and thank you for the fast response + ‘hotfix’

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This is cool! Thanks! Sorry that I didn’t realize there was so much activity here and couldn’t respond to the comments on time.

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