Close Issue with Pull Request in Different Repository

I have an organization where we have public issues but private pull requests organized across two different repositories (I’d post links, but it wouldn’t matter since one is private). We’ve had a very spotty time of getting the links between these two to show up properly. By this I mean that when I put something like this in a PR description to auto-close the issue when the PR is merged, the “link” is never formed.

fixes my-org/my-issues#1234

When I do something like that, the “Linked issues” box on the right side of the PR does not fill in the referenced PR and the issue page likewise doesn’t have anything in the “Linked pull requests” box. I do see the links on the Issue/PR themselves showing the reference to the corresponding issue/PR (the link that’s inline with the comments in the main box), but the issue never gets closed when the PR is merged.

I seem to remember that this did work in the past, but seems to have stopped working. Could this be a permission problem? Am I messing up the syntax with my example above?

Do you have write access in both repositories? As long as the permissions are correct, this should definitely work.

You can read more here: Creating an issues-only repository - GitHub Docs

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