Close Command Palette with the same key bind as it is opened

When I saw the Command Palette I thought about MacOS spotlight right away, and I know it can be closed by the same key bind as to open it (basically it’s toggled by the key bind). Could you do that with Command Palette as well? So to say pressing CMD + K would open and pressing CMD + K again when it’s opened would close it. Thanks!


Hi @goodleby - thanks for sharing this idea! We’ve been getting a lot of feedback from the community on issues with the Esc key working inconsistently with certain browser extensions and this could be a great way to get around that. I’ve shared this idea with the team!

Only came to propose the same thing. This is how Spotlight behaves on macOS at least, same command opens and closes it.

In fact I’ve tried ⌘k to close it.

Nice feature anyway :top:

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@goodleby @aonez Great news! We just shipped a release that allows you to both open and close the command palette with the same keyboard shortcuts. You can still use Esc as well if it works for you (and isn’t overrode by a browser extension).

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Yay! Thanks, works like a charm :slight_smile: