Cloning is very slow in my university network


I’m having some troubles to perform clones from github in my university (Universidade Federal Fluminense in Brazil).

When I test the internet speed, it ranges from 5MB/s to 60MB/s, but when I try to clone repositories from github, it downloads at ~30KB/s.

I think this started to occur ~3 months ago, and it only occurs at the university. When I try to download repositories at home, I get much better download speeds.

Does github throttle the download speed? Is there a way to improve the download speed?

Hi @joaofelipe,

Sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing when using to So that we can get some further insight into the problem, could you please visit our debug site and then write us via our contact form with the output of the commands for your specific operating system and all of the information shown in the **Connection Data** box? Please note that it may take a short time for the connection data to fully load.

It may also be useful to check if switching from cloning via SSH to cloning via HTTPS, or vice versa, improves your connectivity.


Hello Nadia hows evertthing going for you? Well there’s been alot of glitching also alot of them dont even have a clue, about the different apps and how some of them fusì honestly had to uninstall Tor and orbot like 4 times each. Not to sure why but its working 100 times better now, so what’s the whole point of all this i was wondering, and the apps sometimes run super slow but its okay I’ve learnt alot doing this so im always thankful for some great input? I was wondering! HOW did you get into this kind of work? If you dont mind me asking? Anyways thanks for your time. Bye for now

Hi @walterwhitez!

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