Cloning error while using GitHub Desktop client

When I tried to clone my one repository and organization repository then the GitHub Desktop app showed cloning error and when I changed directory then also it gave same error.
I tried to change drive letter but nothing happened.
I also tried to sign out and again sign in but nothing changed.
Also I reinstalled the app but the same issue persists.
Please can someone help.

Thanks for the report @DevangML. Could you upload the log file from GitHub Desktop so that I could get some more information about this error? To access the log files go to the file menu in GitHub Desktop and select Help > Show Logs.

The log files are created daily – please upload a log file as an attachment from a day where you experienced the issue.

These are the logs

(Attachment 2021-03-10.desktop.production.log is missing)

I am unable to upload the log file here due to word limit and uploading .txt or .log file not allowed.
Please share your email so that I can mail this file to you

@DevangML you can copy and paste the contents of the log into a Gist ( and share a link to that here. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing the log file @DevangML. It looks like your local installation of GitHub Desktop may have broken from the most recent update which included a fix to the version of Git that ships with GitHub Desktop.

Could you try performing a fresh installation of GitHub Desktop by following these steps?

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Close GitHub Desktop
  2. Open File Explorer
  3. Go to %LocalAppData% and delete the GitHubDesktop directory
  4. Go to %AppData% and delete the GitHub Desktop directory
  5. Reinstall GitHub Desktop from

Let me know if that helps at all.

I did this step and still the issue persists

@DevangML are you running any antivirus software on your machine? Sometimes antivirus software can cause GitHub Desktop to not install correctly due to flagging the binaries that ship in Git.

If you do have antivirus software running it may be worth trying to temporarily disable it and then try
reinstalling GitHub Desktop.