Clone into /usr/local permissions issue on macOS

I am trying to clone a repository into /usr/local/ using GitHub Desktop and receiving a permissions error:

Is there a way to make GitHub Desktop ask the user, like Finder does, for credentials to access this directory?

If this is not possible what is the best directory for macOS users to keep repositories so they will function without permissions issues and also keep my system secure?

Example: Homebrew creates directories inside /usr/local and modifies the directory’s permissions.

I am able to use gh CLI to accomplish this but was hoping to do this with the GitHub

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@jprokos this isn’t possible at this time – directory permissions will need to be modified if GitHub Desktop is unable to clone to the location. I wouldn’t recommend keeping your repositories in /usr/local – is there a specific reason you’re wanting to do that instead of storing them in your /Users/ directory?

You talking to me cause i dont have no clue what I am doing