Clickable link (href) to all files in a directory


sorry for my English.
I don’t have a lot of knowledge on web dev.

with github pages I wanted to :
have a list of links to all the files in a directory stored in the github repo.
we can hardcode the href link for every single file, but I want to add and remove file without having to edit the html file. is this possible with the specification of github pages?

I’ll explain another way so maybe it’s more understandable :
I have a list of file in a directory which change, I will probably add files to the dir by time to time.
I want a list of a clickable links to download the file, with a href maybe.
but I don’t want to edit the html file to include the file every time.

do we have a way with github pages to do this ? to list file in a directory situated on the repo ?

I was thinking at :
at first i thought javascript but we can’t list the files in the dir.
from my research I didn’t find a way to do web scraping from a static web site, I wanted to list files from the repo url.
I’ve seen some examples with jquery of listing dir, but it was with nodejs i think.

my last option is to just do a single href which go to the plain directory on and people download the doc on, not from the site.

thanks a lot.

There could be other ways, but I think you should just give a link to the repository. But I am not very experienced either, so there probably are better ways