CLI Based application, Github and UI Automation

Dear Community Members,


Kindly help me, I am not from the technical background so can someone help me from scratch for the below tasks:

  • Use any language, framework, and library of your choice
  • Task#1 need to be completed without UI interaction (pure API)
  • Task#2 need to be completed with UI interaction/automation.

Task #1

Build a simple CLI-based application/tool that accepts the username of any GitHub user ( eq. Torvalds ). And display following information:

  • Username = <github_username> ( eq. torvalds )
  • Name = ( eq. Linus torvalds )
  • Created on = ( eq. 2011-09-03 )

And, for each of the repositories owned by this user, display following information:

  • Repository 1 = (eq. Linux )
    • Stars = ( eq. 114193 as of now)
    • Releases = ( eq. 0 )
  • Repository 2 = …
    • Stars = …
    • Releases = …


The application must call GitHub API (see references section)

Task #2

Test the GitHub webpage with UI automation. For any given GitHub username , do following:

  • Start with opening GitHub page
  • Search the given username
  • Find any repository belong to that user and get Number of stars (from UI)
  • Assert the stars value is correct by comparing with result returned from API (task#1)
    • Note: Please consider that – UI result for stars count might not completely match with result from API (eq. 144k from UI versus 144193 from API) but the assertion logic mark this as test pass .

Task #3 (Completion)

  • Push the code of task#1 and task#2 to GitHub with:
    • Repository name:
    • branch name: feature/qa_made_yours
    • Optional : consider some best practices on git (readme, gitignore, etc…)
  • Share the GitHub link with me.

I appreciate your help and support.

Thank you, guys.