Clean repo causing issues with Jekyll image plugin

So I run a Jekyll blog and deploy it with a GitHub Action: GitHub - datapolitical/jekyll-deploy-action: 🪂 A Github Action to deploy the Jekyll site conveniently for GitHub Pages.

This action initializes a repo, runs Jekyll, and pushes to gh-pages. Works great, except now I’m hitting an odd issue. Every time, it regenerates every webp asset I have, despite the files being right there in the assets directory alongside their jpeg counterparts. (using this: GitHub - sverrirs/jekyll-webp: WebP image generator gem for Jekyll websites)

This is odd because when I run it locally it does not have to do that, because those files are in the _site folder, but that’s not on GitHub because the _site folder isn’t saved on the main branch.

I think the right answer is to fork and try to edit the WebP gem to look in the assets directory, but that seems hard and I’m wondering if there’s an easier fix.

HI @datapolitical :wave:

Are you still experiencing this issue?

If so, please add a link to the affect repository.

I figured it out. Worked with the author of the plugin to support caching.