Classroom assignment clone error

Using git version 1.7.1 on Linux (CentOS)
Created a template repository on github and used it for a classroom.github individual assignment
Added user to classroom.github and copied URL (HTTPS)

Here’s what I get back from the “git clone” command. [protocol] = https

% git clone [protocol]://
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/merle/cse202.spring2021/prog0_bits2/EXJ7X_hY/.git/
fatal: [protocol]:// not found: did you run git update-server-info on the server?

When I run “git clone [protocol]://”, it works fine.

Do I need a newer version of git?
Do I need to take some additional action on the github template repo?
Is there a sample/example classroom.github assignment I can test with?

Thanks for any help!