Clarification about promoting in Acceptable Use Policies

Hi. Your GitHub Acceptable Use Policies says:

The primary focus of the Content posted in or through your Account to the Service should not be advertising or promotional marketing. […] You may include […] links, and promotional text in the README documents or project description sections […], but they must be related to the project you are hosting on GitHub.

I have a couple open-source hardware projects on GitHub repos. They are completely open and fully documented there. However it occurred that some people asked me to make and sell them a finished build, because they’re not into DIY.

Is it ok to include a short callout text on the README file of these projects saying I’m available to do so, maybe with link to a Tindie or Etsy page that is specific for that project only?



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Typically we don’t engage in hypotheticals but it doesn’t sound like you’re planning anything spammy. The policy is reasonably clear on the kind of activity we’re worried about.

You may not advertise in other Users’ Accounts, such as by posting monetized or excessive bulk content in issues.

You may not promote or distribute content or activity that is illegal or otherwise prohibited by our Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, or Acceptable Use Policy, including excessive automated bulk activity (for example, spamming), get-rich-quick schemes, and misrepresentation or deception related to your promotion.

Thanks for the quick reply. Got it, great, it looks like I’m in.

Sorry if it sounded hypothetical, I tried to be as specific as possible about the nature of my repos and the promoting I intend to pursue.

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