Clang "Error: Process completed with exit code 1."

Builds done when I submit a pull request to the Adafruit_GFX library fail with “Error: Process completed with exit code 1.” but no indication of what caused the failure. The code builds and runs locally. I’ve tried:

  1. Convert to unix line endings.
  2. Move to a different branch.

It still fails, and I’ve no indication why. Any suggestions on what I could look at?


Hi @IanBUK :wave:

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I moved your post to our Actions board as it looks to be a better fit here.

Could you provide us with a link to the repository in question here?

@ernest-phillips thanks for getting in touch. I found the solution. I was getting clang failures and as I’m new to GitHub thought that meant my code was failing to compile. Now I know it was styling failures. I’ve fixed those - and the Doxygen errors.


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