CITATION.cff and italics in (part of) title

Dear all,

My question is: how can one add italics in part of a title in a CITATION.cff?

I’ve recently added a CITATION.cff to one of my github repostiories (see here).
In the file, I have attempted to include a reference to a conference paper. That paper has a title that includes the name of a resource, which typically would be listed in italics in the title, e.g.,
A Thesaurus of Old English as Linguistic Linked Data: Using OntoLex, SKOS and lemon-tree to Bring Topical Thesauri to the Semantic Web ’. (The resources A Thesaurus of Old English and lemon-tree should be in italics to contrast them with the rest of the title.)

In my CITATION.cff I have tried to get this result by adding asterisks (see line 24), but these get parsed as regular text. In short, how can one add italics in part of a title in a CITATION.cff? Clear guides on this topic (and even where to look) have been difficult to locate, but perhaps I have overlooked something.

Thanks in advance for any help.

CFF as a format is providing raw metadata only. Any styling needs to be done by tooling that renders the citation. In this case, you may take your case to the Ruby Gem project used by GitHub to render the metadata: GitHub - citation-file-format/ruby-cff: A Ruby library for manipulating CITATION.cff files..

I understand that CFF is to contain raw metadata only, but surely indicating resource names within a title should still be possible. Perhaps not through italicizing words, but certainly marking them as having emphasis. Such is common in the majority of raw citation formats.