CI pipeline stuck when adding a new element to matrix

Hi everyone.

In my project CI pipeline, I previously had a single pipeline running for one OS, now I’ve added another one. After it, I cannot close the PR due to a pretty strange status error:

It seems like GitHub Actions expecting a renamed pipeline to be successfully finished. The PR could be found here.

Has anyone run into the same issue? Any ideas on how to fix it?

The required jobs are set in the branch protection rules, by name. If you rename a required job, you’ll need to update the branch protection settings to require the new job(s), instead.

hi @airtower-luna ,
I haven’t renamed the job per se - it’s still test-pipeline, I just added a second branch of it to the matrix. For some unknown reason, now it has build/ prefix, which leads to this error.

I’m not sure why the prefix changed, but the solution remains the same: Update the branch protection rule to require the job as it is right now. Personally I prefer to have the workflow name in there, too, makes it easier to recognize the job.