CI for 3 platforms: 1 workflow with 3 jobs, or 3 workflows with 1 job?

Hey all,

We use GitHub Actions (amazing!) for continuous integration and testing of a C++ library (opensim-core) on Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu. We have two options:

  • One workflow file with 3 jobs, one for each platform. Downside: cannot cancel just one job; must cancel the entire workflow.
  • 3 Workflow files, one for each platform, with 1 job each. Downside: must edit 3 separate files.

Which of these two options have you chosen for your own multi-platform projects?

Hi @chrisdembia,

You have pointed out the limitation of the two options. I think it’s up to you, if you’d like to use only one workflow file and check the jobs together, you can choose the first option. If you need to debug often and cancel seperately, you can choose option2.


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Thanks @weide-zhou. I’m still curious to hear from others in the community about how they’ve made this decision.