chronologically order failure

Anytime I have released anything it is always displayed in chronological order. For whatever odd reason 2.0.0 refuses to bump down and 2.0.1 which should be listed above it (chronological order) is blow it. Github is no longer working chronologically.

How did this happen and how do I undo it?

Temp fix: – More of a temp working solution until Gitbut fixes this bug.

I don’t know why chronological order is failing on Github. And I could not un-sticky v2.0.0. But I found if I edit 2.0.0 eventually a delete button was presented to me and I simply deleted 2.0.0. – I really did not need that release anyways since it was broken (mistype in code).

From there I edited 2.0.1 and pasted the description of 2.0.0 release. Kind of a ‘do-over’ as we’re just going to pretend 2.0.0 did not happen going forward. lol

This is NOT the ideal solution and I am hoping if (when) I release another version 2.0.1 does not get stuck to the top above 2.1.0 (for example). But at least for now, this will do.