Choosing first field

How do i know wheather i am intrested in web or mobile or game development . i have never tried any of them it is recommended to choose first language based on what i am intrested ?

When you are first starting out, you don’t have to pick one “field”: you should try all of them!  Often the skills and techniques, if not the language itself, can be applied in another “field”. E.g. if you learn one language for mobile, that language can be used for game development as well.  Better yet, learn multiple coding languages.

You might evaluate why you wish to learn programming: what is your goal? 

  • To learn something new: pick a good “getting started” language and play with all sorts of different projects
  • To get a good job: learn languages which are popular in software development companies. Learn how to use them in different kinds of projects. Create demonstrable projects.
  • Make a certain project happen: learn the tools and language(s) which most easily achieve the project goals.