Cherrypicking commit on github, issues with some basic stuff

Im trying to cherrypick this commit before building a ROM from source:

The commands i’ve used: 

cd frameworks/base
git fetch ltefix && git cherry-pick 4fcf26644f39db176440880ceafb41e56441d668

Here is the error: and git status:

Complete git newb there, any help is welcome.

Edit: I’m using Debian (Google Cloud) if that makes any difference.

I can’t read the error message, the screenshot is too small and low resolution. Additionally, when you && together commands, it becomes impossible to tell sometimes what command the error belongs to.

Can you do us a favor and tell us step-by-step:

  1. What exactly did you do?
  2. What you expected to happen?
  3. What actually happened instead? (and please paste the text of any error messages or command output instead of an image of it)