Checks list due to GH Actions are very long

We are in the process of migrating over to GitHub Actions, and the status Checks UI make it a bit difficult to parse.

Some issues that we have:

  1. The list is LONG and un-sorted, it would be nice if they were grouped and/or ordered by workflow
  2. It’s hard to quickly scan for what is required vs not
  3. There are some workflows (e.g. here we have a parse-commit-message where it checks for a string in a commit message before performing other workflows), where the Check is not necessary to have visible, but there’s no way to hide it. This happens when we have workflows that are skipped too.

Below is only a partial list of what will have when we are fully migrated to GHA.


Thanks for the feedback! I agree with all the suggestions you have here. I am escalating it to the right team to have a look at it.

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We have a similar problem. We would like to hide certain workflow checks from displaying in the PR. We have a number of workflow steps that are conditionally triggered, and would prefer they don’t always appear in the list of checks.