[Checks] Ability to include Markdown in line annotations


Markdown is supported in the summary and text fields. Unfortunately when you create annotations, none of the annotation fields (title, message, raw_details) support Markdown—these are all plain text. This makes it impossible to provide a rich UI for per-line annotations (in the  Checks or  Files changed tabs) including basics such as hyperlinks to more details: anything of that sort needs to be jammed into the overall check description and disconnected from the line context. By contrast, submitting a review comment


does allow Markdown text.

Could we have a new field in an annotation for a Markdown-formatted message, or a flag to indicate that an existing field such as message should be interpreted as Markdown? (This would perhaps also obviate the need for raw_details, which you could simulate using \<details\> and a code block.)


same issue here…

The same issue. I’m trying to migrate golangci-lint to GitHub Actions and annotations look like this:

But when I used golangci.com such messages looked like this in comments (not annotations):

Markdown support will be very helpful for all golangci-lint users.


I would like to add another voice in support of this feature.

What I find especially bothersome right now is that (at least on some version of GitHub), links that are included in check runs are not even clickable, so a user has to manually copy them so that they can see the additional information that is available at the link. Of course, not many users will go through that most likely :confused:

+1 for this. We’re using some linter tools and it would be extremely helpful to attach some documentation links to violated lint rules. It will allow on-boarding teammates to quickly find why the code is considered unsafe