CheckRun must have detailsUrl

A GitHub CheckRun has a detailsUrl - This can be null which is good for me, as for my app there is no external report. It is all self contained in the GitHub check run output. As such I do not set any detailsUrl when I update / create the check run.

However, it still displays a View more details on MyApp link, which defaults to my app’s homepage. This is confusing for the user, as they expect to see more details on the result, but do not.

Can there be a way to not display this link for cases like mine where there are no additional details to view on an external site?

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:wave: @alistairb: Thanks for sharing this observation with us! I’d love to see what you’re seeing: could you share an example of that View more details on MyApp copy in the form of a pull request in a public repository? Previous to reading this report, I’d expect that link to actually point to the respective check run URL within, though I’m interested in determining what might have changed on our end that would cause that to happen.

With that example on hand, I’ll review it and we’ll take the next steps! :+1: