Checkout@v2 error: Actions in this workflow must within a repository owned by ORGANIZATION

I am trying to setup CI test for our repo (, but when I use the actions/checkout@v2, the following error occurs even without running any job, can anyone provide me some hints about how to solving it?


actions/checkout@v2 and actions/checkout@v2 are not allowed to be used in NVIDIA/HugeCTR. Actions in this workflow must be: within a repository owned by NVIDIA.



Looks like, the owners or administrators of your organization “NVIDIA” have set the policy to be “Allow local actions only”. This option only allows the actions defined in the repositories within your organization “NVIDIA” can be used.
If you want to use the actions from other organizations, you can ask the owners or administrators to select the “Allow all actions” option.

Another workaround is that you can fork or import the repository of checkout action into your organization “NVIDIA”, then use this action within your organization.

Thank you!
This is the correct answer to my question.


Thanks for your rely, and glad that my suggestion can help you solve the problem.
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