Checking for unsubmitted changes

Hello all,

First time poster here so sorry if i post this on the wrong forum or wrong topic.
My team recently migrated to GitHub(using GitDesktop to do push-pull).
Since we are working with binary files, the merging needs to be done manually in case 2 or more people work on the same file. This often causes problem and delays on our side.

My question is, is it possible to check for files which have unsubmitted changes from any of my colleagues?
What do I mean by this?
Something like (path to a specific file inside a repository). And this should check all GitDesktop programs which have that repository active for unsubmitted changes from that particular user.

This means that I can run that command for a particular file and if I get that at least 1 other user has modified that file BUT NOT submitted the changes then I need to wait for his submission.

Any comments are appreciate,
Thank you.

Hi @zg131rci !

Thanks for dropping in with this question! I’d really love to help get you going here, but I could use a bit more clarification.

It sounds like you are looking to get a view into changes that have not been pushed to the main repository. In that case, the answer is no.
If what you are trying to do is different, please let me know and we will let you know what is possible.