Checkboxes are white

It would be cool if checkboxes will render in a dark(er)
If going to notifications, the multiple white checkboxes flashes into your eyes

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I would also like to mention the checkboxes that show up when you preview a pr/issue in that the one with an actual check is barely distinguishable from one that has no checkmark


Thanks @Shinigami92 and @1480c1 for the feedback! We were able to get checkboxes working with light and dark modes in Safari but still need to continue for Chrome. I’ve shared this with the team and made sure it’s in our backlog to look into and hopefully get resolved soon!

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In chrome, you need to enable #form-controls-dark-mode flag. This fixes the scrollbar and checkbox rendering.


Try opening an issue with large checklists (e.g. in Dark Mode. The disabled checkboxes (I’m not an editor) don’t have enough contrast between the checked and unchecked states so it’s really hard to tell what’s checked and what’s not from a quick glance. They also don’t stand out much against the dark background compared to the checkboxes in light mode.



Fully agree! Looks like they forgot this detail.

Thanks for sharing this feedback @richiksc! We haven’t forgotten about the checkboxes - they are bothering us as well :wink:. Getting them fixed is in our backlog. I’m going to merge this with a similar topic where @alrz has shared a workaround for them in Chrome


While using the Dark mode it’s hard to distinguish between the filled and empty Checkboxes. Maybe adding a little gradient to it will help. The ticks can have a different colour fill.


Its particularly bad with disabled checkboxes.

I would suggest just making the ticks black or the boxes black, there needs to be some contrast. Gradients wouldn’t really be that appropriate here considering the rest of the style.


This issue is also affecting me, using Deluminate extension gives much better recognizable state of checkboxes:

Any update on this? Using a chrome flag is not an option for me on managed ChromeOS.

This is my case. Difficult to see checked checkbox. Hope that bug will be fixed soon.



Also having this issue, checkbox’s are extremely hard to read with the dark theme