Checkboxes are not being checked

Currently I am unable to check or uncheck checkboxes in task lists in GitHub issues / pull requests. It appears that when I update the state of a checkbox within a comment, a network goes through to update the markdown however the network request that’s sent does not include the changed state of the checkbox and therefore it looks like no update is made on the UI. (ex: If I check the box, it will initially show that it’s checked, then upon getting a server response it reverts back to unchecked).

I am pretty sure I remember being able to use checkboxes without manually going into the markdown editor to change each one’s state, but please correct me if I’m wrong on that.

Here are some screenshots of the issue, any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Here is an additional screen recording of the issue:


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I would really appreciate any assistance on this, I believe it may be a bug

I made a support ticket with GH about this and they let me know task lists are not supported within tables, which is a bit disappointing. I’ve made a post on the GH feedback repo suggesting this change and hopefully they add it as a feature at some point because this would make testing a lot easier.