check_suite:completed arriving before check_run:completed

I would like to do some cleanup in check_suite:completed, which I assumed would fire when all check runs have entered their final state. But what I am consistently seeing now is that I receive a check_run:completed _after_ I have already received a check_suite:completed.

I see this both in my code and in the “Recent Deliveries” section for my app.

Is this correct behaviour? It feels a bit odd since the Suite owns the Checks that the Suite is marked as completed before the checks.

The timestamps for both these webhooks in the “Recent Deliveries” is _exactly the same_ so this may just be an unfortunate timing issue on the GitHub side?

Hi @st3fan,

Thanks for being here! Apologies for the delayed response. Could you share which repo you are using this action on, for us to take a look.