Check Runs unique per SHA **and** branch

Right now when creating a Check Run only SHA is required meaning Check Runs are unique on per-SHA basis which can cause multiple problems when Check Runs also depend on a branch which I believe a pretty common use case.

For example, latest SHA on a release branch will always be the same as some SHA on your default branch.

Also if you have a different set of Check Runs for branch builds and PR builds then there is no way to delete Check Runs. You can have more Check Runs for a branch build and less for a PR build to do some basic testing, then once you create a PR from your branch you’ll end up with a mix of new Check Runs and old Check Runs.

Since a Check Run is associated with a Check Suite which has a unique id, it will be great to have an option to provide a branch or PR id when creating a Check Suite to deal with the issue on uniqueness of SHA in different branches/tags/etc.

@fkorotkov - Hey again! We really appreciate you sharing feedback about the Checks API. Since we last interacted, the best place to share requests like these is still through our official product feedback form. Our product team monitors incoming requests there.

If you have any new questions about the Checks API (or anything our about our REST API or GraphQL API), I highly recommend creating a new topic for it for other community members to offer their input on. :v: