Check runs - problem with rendering of markdown tables


I’m developing test-reporter action.
It provides simple visualization of test results directly in GitHub.

Test report it creates is actually summary field of Check Run.
So it’s basically a markdown text and GitHub is fully in charge of rendering and styling.

I run into two related issues and I really don’t know where else to ask or where should I report it.
Here is example how it looks like: Test results (ubuntu-20.04)

My issues:

I’m using tables a lot. First column contains name parsed from test results and often it’s a quite long text without spaces.

In Firefox I never see a horizontal scrollbar. It just wraps the text in table on next line.
However in Chrome, while it also wraps the text, it’s done on wrong place and table is still too wide so it adds horizontal scrollbar. This inconsistent behavior should not be happening.

I also don’t understand why is maximum width restricted to 768px There is plenty of free space and on other places GitHub renders markdown with 900px width.

So I have:

  • Bug report - inconsistent styling between Chrome and Firefox.
  • Suggestion to increase maximum width of rendered check run summary

Workflow run I linked will be deleted after some time so here is also a screenshot:


This sounds less like a discussion topic and more like a feature request or bug report to me.

From the introduction about Contacting support for GitHub Actions:

If you have feedback or feature requests for GitHub Actions, share those in the Feedback form for GitHub Actions .

You can directly share your feature requests in the Feedback form . That will allow you to directly interact with the appropriate engineering team, and make it more convenient for the engineering team to collect and categorize your suggestions.