Check-run requested_action event not triggered


From what I understand from documentation here, we can catch check-run requested_action events (when a button is pressed on the check-run). However, it never actually gets caught for me.

I have a github workflow that creates a check-run from my github app with an action. I also have another workflow which is supposed to catch the requested_action event, like so:

name: check-run-requested_action-test
    types: [requested_action]
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      GITHUB_CONTEXT: ${{ toJson(github) }}
    - name: Show Information
      run: |
        echo "Name is ${{ }} "
        echo "This workflow run is triggered by ${{ github.event_name }} "
        echo " *****************************************************************************"
        echo "$GITHUB_CONTEXT"
        echo " *****************************************************************************"

This workflow is on the default branch, as per the documentation, however when I click the action button on the check-run, this workflow never gets triggered, and in the Actions tab of my repo, the event is never fired.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Link to repo in question

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According to the introduction about the Availability for check_run:

  • Repository webhooks only receive payloads for the created and completed event types in a repository
  • Organization webhooks only receive payloads for the created and completed event types in repositories
  • GitHub Apps with the checks:read permission receive payloads for the created and completed events that occur in the repository where the app is installed. The app must have the checks:write permission to receive the rerequested and requested_action event types. The rerequested and requested_action event type payloads are only sent to the GitHub App being requested. GitHub Apps with the checks:write are automatically subscribed to this webhook event.

You need to check if the related GitHub App you are using has the “checks:write” permission.

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@brightran triple checked and the app does have that permission!


Looks like, there may be some issues occur on GitHub.
I check the GitHub Status, and only find a recent incident below: