Check run output


I am successfully authenticating using the GITHUB_TOKEN secret and calling the check run API using OctoKit.Net to update the output of my check-run from my build process (annotations update as expected.) 

I would ideally like to output something like the bottom right of the screenshot from the documentation. The aim is that I have a build report styled in MD format that I would like to show against a build without having to open a file attachment. The build report is a more accessible view of what has failed than is accessible in the logs.

My workflow has a single job and a two steps, “checkout” and “running a build script using the pwsh shell”. While annotations are correctly added, summary/title/text fields appear to have no effect - I did wonder if they were getting reverted by some default behaviour as a default annotation appears to be added when my build process terminates.

I am validating the title to check its not longer than 255 characters and that all fields are not more than 64kb in ascii. Does anyone have any idea what might be happening? any suggestions on how I could get around this issue would be gratefully appreciated.



@chris27uk ,

Maybe you can reference the following docs: